Executive Leadership

Scientific Director
Georges St. Laurent, III
Georges St. Laurent, III graduated from Phillips Andover in 1978, and Yale in 1982 accomplishing multiple PhD in 2015. In Molecular Biology and Neuroscience he has published over 38 research papers, including mechanisms of interferon antiviral action in CELL, and non coding RNA mechanisms in Alzheimer's disease, which became the top publication on Nature Medicine's "Top Ten" list for 2008. For over 15 years, St. Laurent has researched the herbal and alternative medicine of the Amazon region, with a focus on understanding the molecular pathways of these medical therapies. His research focuses on the Systems Biology of Inflammation, and the computational mechanisms of non-coding RNA in the mammalian nervous system. In 2009, Georges began working on his doctoral studies at two universities simultaneously and completed his thesis with excellent reviews. In 2015 Georges received his Doctorates in Molecular and Cellular Biology from Brown University and in Biomedical Sciences from University of Antioquia in Colombia.
Chairman of the Board
Georges C. St. Laurent Jr.
Georges C. St. Laurent Jr. graduated from Yale University in 1958 and then received an MBA from Harvard in 1963. During his 50 year career in entrepreneurial businesses he has created and led a remarkable number of success stories. These companies, spanning diverse industries, include Hotel Research Laboratories, Inter-continental Medical Services, Consolidated Forest Products, St. Laurent Land And Cattle Company, Evans Forest Products Limited, St Laurent Properties, And Western Bank. Mr. St. Laurent served for many years on the Board of Baxter Inter-national, Inc., and Applied Biosystems Corporation. He was a founding Board member of Celera Genomics, the pioneering company that deciphered the sequence of the human genome in 2001. He has served on the Board of Trustees of Rockefeller University, and the Sabin Foundation. He is a member of the President's Circle of the National Academy of Sciences. Mr. St. Laurent Jr. has been married for over 50 years and has two sons, Georges III and William.
William C. St. Laurent

William C. St. Laurent, Chief Financial Officer / Founder - With over 9 years on the Board of Directors of the St. Laurent Institute. Mr. St. Laurent founded Genomic Diagnostic Technologies (GDT) in order to make investments in promising technologies in Systems Biology. GDT worked with Dan Jones to acquire the assets of Helicos and create SeqLL. Mr. St. Laurent has served as Vice Chairman of the Western Bank of Oregon, a publicly traded community bank, and served as President, Chief Operating Officer and Founder of Vitech America, as well as founding many other companies in lumber, real estate, all natural food products, agriculture, recycling and alternative energy. Mr. St. Laurent holds a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University.
Executive Vice President
Tisha Jepson

Tisha Jepson - With over 15 years experience developing repeatedly successful start up efforts in partnership with the St. Laurent Family resulting in laying the foundation for Vitech, for the St. Laurent Institute, and for SeqLL, Inc., in addition to working heavily with academic institutions, businesses, and governmental agencies, Jepson brings with her, a leadership and board level perspective from both the private and public sector. Most recently, as director of corporate strategy, sales, and marketing with SeqLL, Jepson has spent recent years building on the SLI goals of improving world healthcare through Helicos based single molecule sequencing (tSMS) and focusing on the study of the Systems Biology of non-coding RNAs and their influence on chronic diseases. She holds degrees from Columbia University’s Barnard College (BA), from American University (MA), and is working to complete her second Master's degree with John's Hopkins University.
SLI Science, Technologies and Services
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